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Hi. I’m Nathalie, creator and founder of Edible Rainbow Project. I’m also the author of Anise Loves Green Food, the first of a series of books where Anise will cook and eat through the colors of the rainbow. Welcome to the Edible Rainbow Project!



In a nutshell:


I'm a Mama, Wife, Health-supportive Chef, dedicated Yogi, Teacher, Grad Student, Author, Blogger, Consultant, Recipe Developer and a bit more depending on the day. I’m passionate about all of those roles and I’m passionate about family, food and health, cooking and baking on my own and with my kids, traveling, writing, reading, learning!

A bit more in depth:


I’m a foodie. A proud one at that. I used to be a vegetarian foodie for nearly a decade. Then, things changed and I became a more educated foodie.


Before going to culinary school, I was a teacher. I taught English to children and adults in New York, S. Korea and lastly at an incredible private high school in Tokyo, Japan. I also taught yoga, but that was on the side. (I got my 200-hr certification from the amazing Laughing Lotus in NYC.)


Not unlike so many other stories, my deteriorating health led me down another path. I saw specialist after specialist and not surprisingly, there were no clear answers. I had a feeling my issues related to food and my diet. I went to culinary school, The Natural Gourmet Institute , with a personal mission and the hopes of gaining a new profession out of it. I got more than I ever imagined I could. In addition to my unparalleled culinary education, in plant-based cuisine and food as medicine, I interned at amazing restaurants to round out my education. In New York City I had the good fortune to intern at Il Buco under the great Ignacio Mattos and learned the challenges and subtleties of using local and seasonal foods to create simple but astounding dishes. In Westchester, NY, I was lucky to stage at Blue Hill at Stone Barns . I was a chef educator at several events such as Food Solutions at Urban Zen in New York City. I worked as a private chef for incredible clients going through tremendously difficult times in their lives in terms of their health. The work I’ve encountered has been fulfilling, touching and humbling.


When our first daughter was born I was quite surprised that I was in no rush to get back to work at all since I loved it so. Fortunately, I didn’t have to. I started blogging just to have a little food hobby, just to see what may happen. I started teaching cooking, workshops on meal planning, pantry makeovers, detoxifying your kitchen, yoga and food.

Then, Anise, our little foodie chef character, was born. The first book in the series, Anise Loves 
GREEN Food, is an introduction to kids cooking and eating healthful foods, full of nutrients, in the most delicious ways. Anise is a bold chef with creative ideas and she’s keen to keep cooking and eating through the colors of the rainbow. She’s currently planning her red menu for the next book: Anise Loves RED Food.

The good thing about cooking and the knowledge I gained about food as medicine is that it goes with you, wherever you do. We’ve since relocated to the UAE and had another daughter. I’m still teaching and cooking and writing and consulting, all on a freelance basis. I’m also currently in graduate school pursuing my Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Health.

My hope is that my work on this blog, in virtual and actual classrooms, through the books that I write and the events I participate in, that it all serves to inspire you in the kitchen and beyond to lead lives that are happy and well. We all benefit from such lofty and delicious pursuits.

In good health,


Nathalie Curabba

Health-Supportive Chef

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